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Angus Hybrids

Angus Hybrids

ANGUS HYBRIDS are black polled composite cattle based primarily on the genetics of American Angus blended with enough Continental Breed genetics to add lean red meat performance to the widely acknowledged Angus carcass quality and maternal characteristics. Angus hybrids have demonstrated the ability to pass on hybrid vigor performance to a wide range of cattle breeds including pure bred Angus cattle.

Angus hybrids have been developed in a number of different combinations using different continental carcass breed genetics to achieve the desired carcass performance. True Angus hybrids are at least 5/8 American Angus and often have as much as 3/4 Angus blood. Data collected over the past 10 years has suggested superior carcass performance can be expected without sacrifice of the normal Angus genetic traits. Most Angus hybrids have the performance data available and some strains have demonstrated a high instance of tenderness and marbling gene markers.

List of Angus Hybrids Breeders